Hi all, Paul Odlin here, the 5 Passes Tour Cycle Coach. If you’re in New Zealand like me then you’re looking forward to the end winter. With the tour being only 14 weeks away now is the time to start getting stuck into training despite it still being a bit cold! Below are suggestions for getting back into training when the weather’s still a bit murky:

1. Use an indoor trainer!
Formerly the domain of boredom but now snazzied up through the likes of Zwift (online virtual training), TrainerRoad and Sufferfest (both indoor training programmes), you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to train with others! If you do prefer the more traditional social approach then look into a fitness centre or local training groups that do indoor training sessions.

2. Don’t be afraid to go outside – even if it’s raining!
If you’re not fortunate enough to pick and choose the best times to go out training during a winter’s day, then actually don’t be afraid to go out in miserable conditions. Just make sure you follow these recommendations:
● Be brighter than a Christmas tree! Even when it’s during the day (low sun and glare make it very hard to see cyclists).
● Keep your training short (and hard but stay away from big hills if possible). The less time you’re exposed to the elements the better.
● Make sure you have good tires in wet/greasy conditions. Stopping for a puncture in winter is more common because when the roads are wet more grit sticks to your tires.
● Have good gloves, foot covers and keep your chest warm!

Happy training and look forward to seeing you all in November at the Tour!

Coach Paul