Hi all, Paul Odlin here, the 5 Passes Tour Cycle Coach. With the Tour still being 19 weeks away
the best thing you can do for your preparation is actually just to keep fit and healthy – i.e.
non-structured training that can include alternative means of exercising besides cycling.
Below are some suggestions for helping you get through the darkest winter months:

  1. Join a gym, boxing studio or equivalent. The advantages of using alternative exercise
    that counters the symmetry and monotony of cycling, in an indoor environment, can not
    be understated. Winter is the perfect time to swap codes and head to a training studio.
    The older you are, the less specific (to cycling) you should make alternate exercise. The
    younger you are, the more you can make strength training in a fitness center specifically
    improve your cycling.
  2. To maintain your cycling fitness – which will make getting back into serious training and
    November’s Tour easier – get on an indoor trainer. If you’re not into virtual or augmented
    reality then there’s real benefit in doing good old spin classes at your local fitness center.
  3. And if you are still regularly training outside, make sure you follow these
    ● Be brighter than a Christmas tree. Even when it’s during the day – low sun and glare
    make it very hard to see cyclists.
    ● Keep your training short – the less time you’re exposed to the elements the better.
    Consider splitting your training into two daily sessions if it’s really cold.
    ● Make sure you have good tires in wet/greasy conditions. Stopping for a puncture in
    winter is more common because when the roads are wet more grit sticks to your tires.
    ● Have good gloves, foot covers and keep your chest warm.
    In my next Coach blog I’ll start to talk about how to set goals specific for your 5 Passes Tour.
    Happy training and look forward to seeing you all in November at the Tour!
    Coach Paul