Over a week has passed since we wrapped up the 2023 Five Passes Tour and we just want to say one last “thank you” for making it so much fun. Hopefully the legs are behaving again, the chafed butts (and other bits) are returning to normal and the bike seat is bearable, and you’re all looking forward to those long summer rides. You’ve certainly got the miles in your legs.

Great to see a few of you again giving it death in the Further Faster Classic River Race at the weekend. Clearly setting yourselves up well on the Waimakariri for the Coast to Coast- congratulations to Rebecca Kingsford who was second overall in the women’s, Ryan Kiesanowski who came third in the open men’s, and Chops, Matt Mustchin, who was the first male veteran home.

Five Passes throws up different challenges every year and the brutal conditions on day one were at times soul destroying, but it was great to see you all push through and set yourselves up for the days ahead. Finishing the tour, whatever your grade is a massive achievement and the biggest respect goes out to the Lantern Rouge winners who battled through all sorts of extra adversities to find their ways home. Gutsy. Hopefully we’ll get to see all jersey winners wearing their hard earned kit out on the roads.

Thanks to our Speights overalls wearers for playing along so sportingly- the belly laughs you provided, particularly at Clearwater, added further pain to already broken bodies and yes I was awarded them there was always first for everything!

Thanks also to everyone who unexpectedly had a microphone poked in front of them or were called upon to speak on the various evenings. It’s no one thing- just a collection of all your great stories that makes the tour what it is. So many supremely talented and funny people all gathered together !

Lastly….that crew ! What a crew ! They’re all in some way associated with cycling and cycling events. They have their own culture happening but they never lose sight of making everything better for the riders. They are the spine of the tour. So whether you’re planning on more bike racing, a Coast to Coast or an Ironman, we wish you well. Thanks for your part in Five Passes 2023.

See you at Le Race – 23rd March 2024 our 25th Anniversary!