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Competitor Numbers

Competitor Numbers

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Bib#First NameSurnameTeam NameCategoryGender
1JustinSimsAW A teamA GradeMale
2RichardHaymanAW A teamA GradeMale
3WarrenReedyAW A teamA GradeMale
4AlexNesbitAW A teamA GradeMale
5StephenO'KeefeNot The BurglersB Grade 50 plusMale
6TomCrumptonNot The BurglersB GradeMale
7MikePeachNot The BurglersB GradeMale
8GeoffTaylorNot The BurglersB Grade 50 plusMale
9HubertusBuyckNot The BurglersB GradeMale
10DaveLawsonScotty BrownsB Grade 50 plusMale
11ScottMolinaScotty BrownsB Grade 50 plusMale
12RonPithyScotty BrownsB Grade 50 plusMale
13DaveHillScotty BrownsB Grade 50 plusMale
14GeoffSearlScotty BrownsB Grade 50 plusMale
15DavidRocheTeam WarmupB Grade 50 plusMale
16DaryleQueenTeam WarmupB Grade 50 plusMale
17KentMahonTeam WarmupB GradeMale
18PeterOldsTeam WarmupB GradeMale
19SimonKraakTeam WarmupB GradeMale
20ChrisToddTeam Billy GoatB GradeMale
21PaulNewtonNZ Home LoansB GradeMale
22IsaacBrothersNZ Home LoansB GradeMale
23DickJohnsonNZ Home LoansB GradeMale
24BennyBlackNZ Home LoansB GradeMale
25LeeHattonF2P/Circuit AsphaltB GradeMale
26MitchellSincockF2P/Circuit AsphaltB GradeMale
27GarryHancockF2P/Circuit AsphaltB GradeMale
28NeilAldridgeF2P/Circuit AsphaltB GradeMale
29AnthonyLowrieF2P/Circuit AsphaltB GradeMale
30SimonWhiteMoore Stephens MarkhamsC GradeMale
31PaulRickerbyMoore Stephens MarkhamsC GradeMale
33SteveRickerbyMoore Stephens MarkhamsC GradeMale
34ShaunFaheyMoore Stephens MarkhamsC GradeMale
35JonathanDavisAggiesC Grade 50 plusMale
36HamishGoodwinAggiesC Grade 50 plusMale
37PaulMacfieAggiesC Grade 50 plusMale
38AndrewJonesAggiesC Grade 50 plusMale
39JeannieBlackmoreHeartland RICOHC GradeFemale
40MarkDineenHeartland RICOHC GradeMale
41IanWalshHeartland RICOHC GradeMale
42NicholasTylerHeartland RICOHC GradeMale
43BenKingNZ Home LoansC GradeMale
44LeonFordeNZ Home LoansC GradeMale
45ToddStephensonNZ Home LoansC GradeMale
46AndrewRichardsonNZ Home LoansC GradeMale
47DebPeachNot The Burglers 2C GradeFemale
48BrettThomsonNot The Burglers 2C GradeMale
49DaveCreamerNot The Burglers 2C Grade 50 plusMale
50LoganCowdellNot The Burglers 2C GradeMale
51GeorgeRowellTeam Billy GoatB GradeMale
52IrinaBaimatovaTeam Billy GoatC GradeFemale
53JohnLlewelynTeam Billy GoatC GradeMale
54IanHendersonTeam Billy GoatC GradeMale
55KyleBeggsSaint Apollonia's HelpersC GradeMale
56NeilO'FeeSaint Apollonia's HelpersC Grade 50 plusMale
57GlennKirkSaint Apollonia's HelpersC GradeMale
58DevanSimmondsSaint Apollonia's HelpersC GradeMale
59BrettPocockSteel & TubeC GradeMale
60LisaHealeySteel & TubeC GradeFemale
61GwilymRivettSteel & TubeB GradeMale
62ColinEdwardsSteel & TubeD Grade 50 plusMale
63MikeMorrisionMorrison CarsC GradeMale
64MarkMaCuleyMorrison CarsC GradeMale
65HughBuckenhamMorrison CarsC GradeMale
66DylanMcNeiceMorrison CarsC GradeMale
67GregThompsonMorrison CarsC Grade 50 plusMale
68JodieStewartHCRC GradeFemale
69NickiSutherlandHCRC GradeFemale
70KathTateHCRC GradeFemale
71JohnBirnieHCRC Grade 50 PlusMale
72KevinCrowleyHCRC Grade 50 PlusMale
73JamesMcConeTeam WoodleyD GradeMale
74StuartNattrassTeam WoodleyD GradeMale
75GordonHarperTeam WoodleyC Grade 50 PlusMale
76WinstonBowlerTeam WoodleyD Grade 50 PlusMale
77GeoffHayTeam WoodleyD GradeMale
78PaulWilliamsArmitage Williams Top GunsD Grade 50 PlusMale
79BrianAshbyArmitage Williams Top GunsD Grade 50 PlusMale
80JohnSkinnonArmitage Williams Top GunsD Grade 50 PlusMale
82ChrisYeatsOdlins OddballsD Grade 50 PlusMale
83AlexSkinnerOdlins OddballsD GradeMale
84RobWoodgateOdlins OddballsD GradeMale
85JustinLe SueurOdlins OddballsD Grade 50 PlusMale
86RichardGreenOdlins OddballsD Grade 50 PlusMale
87VickiMartinThe CyclepathsD Grade 50 PlusFemale
88SorelFaganThe CyclepathsD GradeFemale
89BruceRichardsThe CyclepathsD Grade 50 PlusMale
90AlanStowellThe CyclepathsD Grade 50 PlusMale