Call us on 021 918 508
Call us on 021 918 508

Event Information

  • Start location for 2016

    Start location for Friday, 28 October 2016

    • Hotel Carpark
    • Commodore Hotel
      449 Memorial Ave

      Burnside, Christchurch
    • 6:15am Start, ready to go on the start line at 6:00am
    • Coffee available pre start (own cost)
  • Bike Gear
    • Your bike and associated gear
    • Spare tubes, pump and multi tool carried on your bike.
    • Two bottles minimum carried on your bike.
    • Riding gear to cover all conditions from cold and wet to hot.
    • This should include multiple sets of bike pants and tops to minimise washing. There are some washing facilities available but this is limited at some stops. (see laundry facilities for details)
    • Thermal layers for cold conditions
    • A good rain jacket, gloves and booties
  • Sundries
    • Casual cloths. Suitable for casual dinning, jeans are fine. Keep this to a minimum. No dinner suits required. Remember it can/will be cool at night.
    • Suntan lotion etc- we will have some suntan lotion available but suggest you have your own as it sometimes may not be accessible. Also have some barrier cream to avoid chaffing. Insect repellent may be required on the west coast.
    • Ear plugs are advisable as everyone is in shared accommodation, snoring can be an issue.
    • Cash for massage. If you have a massage you pay them directly and at completion of the massage.
    • Credit Card or cash for emergency bike repair purchases. Spare tubes will be available to buy – (See Bike mechanical support section.)
  • Bags

    Bring one accommodation bag only. Not too big. This bag will be transported directly to the nights’ accommodation available on your arrival. This will have all your other gear, casual cloths & toiletries.

    Day Bag – You will be given a day bag at registration. This bag will be carried in the support vehicles so you may access it during the day at the aid station stops only. This bag should carry additional cycling clothes for changes in weather, also warm cloths for the lunch stop and any personal items you may need during the day.

  • Phone Coverage

    There is cell phone coverage at all stops if you wish to phone home. Also there are public phones available.

  • Airport Transfers

    For riders staying at the Commodore Hotel airport transfers are available through the hotel.

  • Nutrition/Meals


    Breakfast provided on Sat, Sun and Monday mornings.
    Breakfast will vary slightly each day. Heritage in Hanmer will provide a full hotel breakfast, cooked and continental. We will have toast, cereal, eggs and porridge in Greymouth & Arthur’s Pass.


    Lunch on the road for each day will be in the form of varieties of filled rolls, with vegetarian options.


    We will be having dinner in a restaurant each evening. There are bar facilities at each stop so if you would like a cold beer/drink to relax before during or after dinner you can. All beverages are at your own cost. There are stores in each stop so if you require something additional outside dinner, chocolate fix or the like, you will be able to buy it.

    Dietary Requirements

    For those that have indicated a dietary requirement in their registration we are catering to meet those requirements where possible and will inform you of any problems

    Additional Snack Food

    Additional snack food will be provided at aid stations & lunch.

    Muesli bars from Tasti!




    Bananas supplied by Dole!




    Coke supplied by CISport!

  • Accommodation
    • Friday – Heritage Hotel Hanmer Springs
    • Saturday – Kingsgate Hotel Greymouth
    • Sunday – Arthurs Pass various accommodation

    The accommodation is the same for all participants on both the Friday and Saturday nights. The accommodation on the Sunday night at Arthurs Pass varies and will be allocated on a first in basis with the first entrants filling the better accommodation first.

    All accommodation is shared so if you wish to share with someone please record their name when you register.

  • Bike Mechanical Support

    Scotty Browns will once again be providing the mechanical support for this year’s tour. They have been one of the original supporters and sponsors of the Five Passes and we are pleased to have Scotty on tour with us once again.

    To follow is a summary of the services provided along with a few tips to improve the odds of getting through the ride without a major mechanical failure.




    Services Provided

    Scotty will be part of the tour support crew for the complete tour. He will be available to attend to any mechanical problems during the tour. All the time and labour provided will be free, but any materials and parts required will be charged (at normal rates!). Please have your credit card details or cash available to cover any emergency purchases. Also he will carry plenty of spare tubes and tyres available to buy if you have one to many punctures.

    He will be set up and available at the start of the Thursday night prologue. From then on they follow the tour on the road and are with us at the designated stops. We will inform you where he will set up and what time they will be available at the end of each days cycling.

    We would recommend that you take you bike to him immediately after the stage is completed, so that he can do a service in day light, rather than after dinner in the car head lights!:)

    Scotty will be doing their best to keep you on the road and all with a smile!

  • Spare Wheels

    There will be some sets of spare wheels and even a couple of spare bikes in case of emergency carried by the bike mechanics.

    No riders are allowed to bring extra sets of wheels. Not enough room!

  • Pre-tour bike service for the out-of-towners...

    If you are flying into Christchurch and need a hand to put your bike together or just need a service after assembly to ensure everything is working 100% Scotty Browns offer the following at the quoted prices.

    • Complete assembly of the bike from the travel box including a full service $80.00
    • Full service and check of the assembled bike – $ 45.00 TBC for 2016

    As most people will be arriving in Christchurch on the Thursday 27 October you will need to book your bike in to be serviced. The booking must be made by September 30 by email to

  • Bike Service

    You must have your bike serviced before the tour.

  • New Tyres

    Punctures are one of the most frustrating things to happen when riding. The best way to avoid punctures and get the best performance out of your bike is to have new or near new tyres. Please invest in new tyres for the tour to minimise the chance of those painful punctures.

  • Spare Derailleur Hanger

    This one of those items that can derailleur your tour. There are over 200 different types of derailleur hangers for the different models of bikes. So it impossible for the mechanics to bring the correct spares. Its more likely to happen in transport than on the road but they do get broken.

    So to be extra cautious purchase a spare derailleur hanger and keep it with your spares. Great insurance policy for this event and others you do in the future.

  • What you need to carry on your bike?

    Even though we will have a number of support vehicles on the road you still need to be self sufficient when it comes to punctures. So you must carry two spare tubes minimum, tyre levers and a pump.

  • Gearing

    Please make sure you have your Arthur’s Pass gearing all sorted before you start the tour. That is the steepest climb around 18% and we would recommend a 27 tooth rear cog, or compact set, as the minimum with most riders opting for bigger. You do not want to be looking to change clusters once the tour has started.

  • Traffic Management Team

    A traffic management plan is prepared and approved for the tour. This plan must be followed at all times.

    There will be one lead vehicle and up to three support vehicles following the cyclist with the approved signage to warn motorist of the upcoming groups of cyclist.

  • Aid Station Team

    An aid station team will provide the on road nutrition. Electrolyte drink and snacks will be available at the start and intermediate stops on all stages.

    You will be able to refill your water bottles at each aid station and get additional food. The maximum distance between aid stations is approximately 90km on day two between Hanmer Springs & Springs Junction.

  • Accommodation Team

    Our accommodation team will look after your accommodation bags and take care of your accommodation details for each night.

    They will collect the bags in the mornings. The bags must be packed and left ready to collect before breakfast.

  • Results Team

    The results team will record the results for each stage and produce a summary for each day.

    Results and reports will be posted daily on the ci sport website so family and friends can keep up with your progress.

  • Massage Team

    There will be a great team of masseurs available. The cost is $ 10.00 per 10 minute massage, paid direct to them.

    We will start a booking sheet and it will be done on a first in basis

  • First Aid

    We will have a first aid providers travelling with the tour. Who will be available to assist with any health problems or minor injuries.

  • Race Numbers

    You will be given one helmet race number and one bike race number that need to be visible at each stop or finish so we can record your result.

    The Helmet number MUST be placed on the centre front of the Helmet.

  • Laundry Facilities

    It is recommended you limit you laundry requirements as much as realistically possible. The facilities available are as follows

    Hanmer Springs

    Heritage Hotel Villas, each Villa has a washing machine and drier. Please use these as this will be the easiest access for the tour.


    Kingsgate Hotel has two washing machines and two dryers – coin operated

    Arthurs Pass

    Mountain Houses – Sleeping 28 – Have one washing machine & dryer operated by $2.00 coins.

    Outdoor Education – Have no washing machine, just tubs, and do have a large drying room, good for wet gear from rain.

    Alpine Motel – They have no Laundry facilities – You will have to use the Mountain House or YHA machines.

  • Weather

    The weather conditions are anyone’s guess. We generally have a bit of everything so be prepared. In the past we have had rain going through Lewis Pass to find fine sunny conditions on the West Coast side.