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The tour will start with organised groups in their grades. When you register you will indicate which group you will ride in.

Grade Description

A Grade

Experienced rider with good road racing experience.

B Grade

Good rider, again comfortable with bunch riding with road racing experience

C Grade

Good rider, comfortable with bunch riding.

D Grade

D grade will have two options available: Competitive and Social.

  • Competitive – D grade riders who wish to race for the D grade jerseys
  • Social – Riders whose goal is to complete the tour. This group will ride together as a group with a friendly philosophy and aim of helping each other to finish each stage.

Changing Grades

We would like everyone to ride in the grades they have selected for the tour. If you find you need to change groups in keeping with the friendly not to serious tour philosophy that will be allowed but you may not be eligible for any grade competition prizes by changing.
Along with the traditional awards for the best male and female riders we will recognise the winners of each grade in the various competitions.

Additional information on grade selection

To help with this selection we have put together tables comparing times from a couple of major events to the appropriate grade. The Lake Taupo cycle challenge, Le Race and also our own grading ride times as follows

The Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

A Grade – Sub 4hrs 15min
B grade – 4hrs 15 – 4hrs 30min
C grade – 4hrs 30hrs – 4hrs 50min
D grade – 4hrs 50min plus

Le Race times

A Grade – sub 3:05hrs
B Grade – 3:05hrs min – 3hrs 20mins
C Grade – 3hrs 20min – 4hrs
D Grade – 4hrs plus

Remember these are as a guide only and you need to take into account your riding experience, level of fitness and what you want to achieve from this years tour.
Team members can be from different grades. All grades will have their separate competition for yellow, KOM and sprint. All grades will have the competition jerseys.
We hope this helps you in your choice. The 5 Passes Tour is about having fun while riding. So work out what grade suits you, if you find yourself in the wrong group on tour we will shift you to the correct one to ensure you have the best experience possible.

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If you aren’t sure whether you are a “Social Grade D” rider, or are actually a competitive “Grade A” rider… or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our email address is